Spencer Fruit Wines

Bruce personally crafts the wines in very small batches with fruit grown on our 5th generation farm. He uses only premium quality fruit that is so ripe it is practically dripping off the tree, for a “late harvest” intensity of flavor that has made our wines so popular.

Dry Fruit Wines 750 ml.

Bing Cherry 12% Semi-Dry- $23
Our most popular Red and my personal favorite.
Deep ruby red.
More than just a hint. Very rich and lovely.
Guaranteed to please.

Santa Rosa Plum 12% – $19
The Queen of plums
A pour of this beautiful and very fragrant Rose will scent the room and set the stage for a wonderful evening. Comes in Dry and Semi-Dry.

White Apricot 15%- $23
Made from Tilton apricots, the most flavorful variety on the planet.
A very bold white that will compliment a more robust dish. Excellent with spicy Asian, Italian and even red meat.

Asian Pear 10%- $9
A very dry white, delicate flavor. Light body, clean finish
Try it chilled with a fresh garden salad.

Honeycrisp Apple 11%- $11
A popular favorite. Our best selling white.
Medium body, dry, wonderful nose, soft on the
mid pallet with an excellent finish.

Cherry Cider 12%- $15
A blend of apple, pear, and cherry. Light smooth ad pleasant.
Perfect on ice for a summer BBQ. Really!

Blackberry 13%- $19
Comes in semi-sweet and dry. Excellent deep rich berry. Full body.
Fabulous nose. Great for any occasion.

Dessert Wines 375 ml.

Bing Cherry 16%- $24
A remarkable wine; Top of it’s class!
Perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.
You’ll never find a cherry this amazing but here.

Raspberry 15%- $24
WOW! She’s got legs that won’t quit.
The nose of a goddess and a mouth that says more,more, more.
A true delight.

Sweet Apricot 17%- $20
This sweet white is made for the hot tub!
Full bodied and bold.
Ambient or chilled, it’s great.

Spencer Farm Fruit Wines