Our Story

Bruce SpencerBruce began farming by accident at the age of 17. His love of nature and science together with an eternal quest for adventure and independence led to a career in tree fruit production, food processing and organic farm consulting. Now in his prime years Bruce reflects, “ I feel like I’ve come full circle. Growing this amazing quality food for the local market side by side with my wife Grace is a dream come true. We have a very small, very successful farm. We get to do it all together and we eat like royalty. Pinch me!”.

Grace SpencerGrace, originally from Ohio, began her adventure in farming at the age of 20. Her oldest brother runs an organic farm in Athens, Ohio where she went to work for a summer. She was definitely interested in the lifestyle but certainly did not think she would get so hooked and make it a career!

But ever since that summer, she couldn’t get farming out of her system. An internship on Sunshine Farm in Chelan brought her out West to Washington on a whim where she met Bruce.

Bruce and Grace SpencerThe rest is history. We began farming together almost immediately. We were married in October of 2010. You will almost always find us with food, whether we are growing, harvesting, processing, selling, cooking or eating it. Food is our passion and our life! We are supported every year by friends and family and the love that surrounds us.