How and What We Grow

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How We Grow

It all begins with the soil.

With the knowledge that our soil is sacred, that the quality of our lives and those of future generations depends on it, we endeavor to give our farms’ soil the highest degree of loving care possible.

Using CompostIn addition to frequent laboratory analysis we are constantly monitoring our soils health by the ancient yet most reliable criteria, including smell, feel, and visual observation of soil organisms and plant health.
The Golden Rule: Always give back more than you take away.


We grow our own compost (about 40 tons a year) by digesting a balanced ratio of plant materials, tree trimmings, straw and animal waste. We use a biodynamic preparation to innoculate the compost piles.

We then monitor moisture and temperature levels adjusting as required by turning and shaping the piles until completion the following year.

The finished compost is spread onto our gardens and fruit trees from 3”-6” thick every other year.

Cover Crops

We rotate each annual crop with 2-3 cover crops to maintain healthy microbial activity, nutritional balance and good soil structure and tilth.


We make our own potting soil for our vegetable starts and microgreens. Our Red Wigglers do the work of breaking it down and adding their nutrient rich castings to the mix.

Soil Amendments

From glacial silt to sea kelp and dozens of other interesting sources of micro nutrients, we always return what we use and more.

Growing SoilWhat we Grow

We grow 140 different varieties of fruits and berries and a wide range of vegetables on 6 acres.

For more information on specific varieties, and/or availability please contact us at 509-888-2076.

Or come see us at the Wenatchee Valley Farmers market on Saturdays from 8am-1pm and/or the Leavenworth Community Market on Thursdays from 4pm-8pm.